I am a filmmaker and photographer born and raised in Rhodes, Greece.


At the age of 14, I realized that filmmaking and photography are my passions and creative outlets in life. I started creating video blogs for youtube. Knowing that video creation is my passion on 2014 in entered the Communication and Mass Media, department of University of Athens.Graduating on 2018 I have taken multiple courses in filmmaking, have cooperated with artists, have created music videos, corporate videos, lifestyle videos, and other forms of content.


Currently, while I am doing projects independently, I am creating online courses teaching videography and photography on Skillshare.


For 2021 I am planning to dive in to wedding filmmaking! 


I crave creativity, which is why I am always on the run to work on more projects while making sure that each one is better than the last. 


Previously made projects at UK, Finland, New York, Athens and plethora of Greek islands 

Based in Athens, Greece.

Willing to travel worldwide.